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Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College, established in the 1962, is located in the western sector of Sylhet City. Sylhet is an old city situated on the bank of the river Surma ....

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Faculty Members



Prof. Dr. Osul  Ahmed  Chowdhury MBBS, M Phil, M Sc


Associate Prof. Dr. Harunur Rashid, MBBS, DLO






Prof. Dr. Zakia Sultana MBBS; M Phil

Associate Professor 

Dr. Nazma Begum MBBS; M Phil

Assistant Professor

Dr. Md Muzibur Rahman MBBS, M Phil


Dr. Md Azad Ahmad MBBS


Dr. Muzaffar Hossain Mullick  MBBS,MPhil


Dr. Shakera Nergis MBBS,


Dr. Pran Krishna Basak MBBS,


Dr. Purabi Majumdar MBBS

Dr. Mahnaz Syed MBBS

Dr. Goutam Roy MBBS

Dr. Dipanwita Gope MBBS

Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman MBBS

Dr. Premananda Das MBBS, MPhil

Dr. Delwar Hossain MBBS


Dr. Fuad Abdul Hamid MBBS



Prof. Md. Ruhul Amin MBBS; M Phil

Assistant Professor



Dr. Ahmed Riad Chowdhury MBBS,MPhil

Dr. Dhruba Das MBBS, MD


Dr. Mohammad Bahauddin MBBS


Dr. Farhana Haque MBBS




Prof. Md. Shahadat Hossain MBBS; M Phil

Associate Professor 

Dr. Khandaker Seraj Uddin MBBS; M Phil

Assistant Professor

Dr. Manojit Majumder MBBS; M Phil


Dr. Roushan-Ara-Begum MBBS; M Phil


Dr. Md. Idris Miah. MBBS


Dr. A.S. Md Mesbah Uddin MBBS FCPS


Dr. Wakiluddin Joarder MBBS


Dr. Mobassarul Islam MBBS


Dr. Arun Kumar Chanda  MBBS


Dr. Zakir Hossain   MBBS


Dr. Shib Prasad Sinha MBBS




Prof.  A. K. M Mosharrof Hossain MBBS,MD, PhD

Associate Professor 

Dr. Begum Lutfun Nahar MBBS, MPhil


Dr. Md. Ansar Khan MBBS, MPhil

Assistant Professor

Dr. Khan Md. Mojammel Hossain MBBS, MPhil


Dr. Sukanta Majumdar MBBS,M Phil


Dr. Nayeema Sharmin MBBS


Dr. Md. Ziaur Rahman MBBS


Dr. Abu Sayeed Abdullah MBBS

Dr. Fatema Binte Kashem Pinki, MBBS

Forensic Medicine


Associate Professor 

Dr.  Md Abul Mansur MBBS, DFM

Assistant Professor

Dr Abu Ahmed Adiluzzaman MBBS, MCPS,DFM


Dr. Md Abu Zaker Hossain Sarker MBBS


Dr. Jannatul Ferdous MBBS

Dr. Md Shamsul Islam MBBS




Prof. Md Amzad Hossain Khan MBBS, M Phil

Associate Professor

Dr. Naba Kumar Saha MBBS, M Phil

Assistant Professor

Dr. Abdul Majid Khan MBBS, M Phil


Dr. A.Q.M. Abdul Hye MBBS, M Phil


Dr. Md. Kamrul Ahsan MBBS, M Phil

Dr. Ahmod Nasim Hasan MBBS

Dr. Razwan Ferdous MBBS


Dr. Roksana Akhtar MBBS 


Dr. Ishrat Siddique MBBS


Dr. Nasir Uddin ahmed MBBS


Dr. Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury MBBS

Clinical Pathologist

Dr. Lovely Rani Dhar MBBS




Prof. Dr. Osul  Ahmed  Chowdhury MBBS, MPhil, MSc

Associate Professor

Dr. Moynul Haque MBBS, MSc

Assistant Professor

Dr. Lutfe  Elahi Faruqi MBBS,DCP,M Phil


Dr. Syed Anwarul Hoque MBBS, M Phil


Dr. Aziz Ahmed Malik MBBS,


Dr. Md. Alauddin MBBS,


Dr. Shantanu Das MBBS, M Phil


Dr. Kanti Priyo Das MBBS, M Phil

Community Medicine



Prof. Md. Sibbir  Ahmed  MBBS,DPH

Assistant Professor

Dr. A. Z. M. Monjurul Haq Chowdhury  MBBS,MS(USA)


Dr. Md Saleh Ahmed MBBS, MPH


Dr. Md. Hafiz Ehsanul Hoque MBBS,MPH,PhD

Dr. Arpita Bhattacharjee MBBS

Dr. Md Anamul Hoque MBBS

Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman Khan MBBS




Prof. Dr. Md. Ismail Patowary, MBBS, FCPS , MD


Prof. Dr. A. F. M. Nazmul Islam MBBS, FCPS

Associate Professor

Dr. Shafiqul Bari MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Shadhu Uttam Kumar MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Shishir Kumar Chakrabarty MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Md Enayet Hossain MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Md Hejbullah MBBS, FCPS


Dr. M. M. Jahangir Alam, MBBS, FCPS , MD 

Assistant Professor

Dr Md Ashfaqul Islam Chowdhury MBBS, MD 





Associate Professor

Dr. K. M. J. Zaki, MBBS, MD 


Respiratory Medicine


Assistant Professor

Dr. S. A. H. M. Mesbahul Islam, MBBS, MD


Dr. Md. Delwar Hossain, MBBS, MD




Prof. Dr. Md. Manajjir Ali, MBBS, FCPS

Associate Professor

Dr. M. A. Malik, MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Moseh Uddin Chowdhury, MBBS, FCPS 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sultana Begum MBBS, DCH

Dr. Probhat Ranjan Dey, MBBS, FCPS, MD


Dr. Mujibul Haque, MBBS, MD

Paediatric Nephrology

Assistant Professor


Dr Md Delwar Hossain MBBS, MD



Assistant Professor

Dr Md Monir Hossain MBBS, MD

Dr Md Abdul Hye Mia MBBS, MD




Associate Professor

Dr. Muhammad Shahabuddin, MBBS, MD 

Assistant Professor

Dr. S M Habibullah , MBBS, D-Card 

Senior Consultant

Dr Shishir Kumar Basak  MBBS, D-Card, MD, MRCP 





Associate Professor

Dr. Jahangir Alam, MBBS, FCPS, MD 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mostak Uddin Ahmed, MBBS, FCPS , MD 



 Assistant Professor

Dr. Md. Oliur Rahman MBBS, FCPS 


Dr. Alamgir Chowdhury, MBBS, FCPS 



Assistant Professor

Dr. Shekh Anwarul Karim  MBBS, MD 




Dr. Md Abdul Hye  MBBS,FCPS, FRCP, PhD, MD

Associate Professor

Dr. Md. Motiur Rahman MBBS, FCPS , MD


Dr. Biplob Kumar Roy MBBS, MCPS, MPH , MD 




ProfDr. Sayed Mamoon Md. Ali, MBBS, DDV, MD 

Associate Professor

Dr. Rukon Uddin Ahmed, MBBS, DDV

Assistant Professor

Dr. Safir Uddin Ahmed, MBBS, DDV


Dr. Abu Yusuf Bhuiyan, MBBS, DDV




Prof. Dr. Gopal Sankar Dey,  MBBS, FCPS

Assistant Professor

Dr. R. K. S Royle, MBBS, M Phil




Dr. Dewan Ali Hassan Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS, FRCS

Assistant Professor

Dr. S. M. Golam Rahman MBBS, FCPS 


Dr. Abul Kalam Azad MBBS, FCPS 


Dr. Abus Samad Azad MBBS, FCPS,MS (CTS) 


Dr. Ashik Anwar Bahar MBBS, FCPS 

Resident Surgeon 

Dr. Arun Kumar Baishnab MBBS, MS 



Assistant Professor

Dr. Rashidoon Nabi Khan, MBBS, MS 

Indoor Medical Officer

Dr. Mostafa Taufique Ahmed  MBBS, MS 




Prof. Dr. Md. Nurul Alam, MBBS, MS 

Associate Professor

Dr. Shamsur Rahman MBBS, MS 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sajedul Haque, MBBS, MS 

Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit


 Assistant Professor

Dr Hasib Rahman MBBS, FCPS, MS 




Prof. Dr. Lutfur Rahman Khan MBBS, MS

Associate Professor

Dr. Dipankar Nath Talukder, MBBS, MS 


Dr. Istiaque-Ul-Fattah, MBBS, MS 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nuruddin Ahmed, MBBS, MS 


Dr. Shankar Kumar Roy, MBBS, MS 



Associate Professor

Dr. Promode Ranjan Singh, MBBS, FCPS, MS

Assistant Professor

Dr Shafiqul Islam Leon,  MBBS, MS


Dr. MA Alim, MBBS, FCPS Surgery, MS




Prof. Dr. Sayed Maruf Ali, MBBS, FCPS

 Assistant Professor

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, MBBS, DO



 Associate Professor

 Dr. Md. Helaluddin, MBBS, DA, MCPS

 Assistant Professor

 Dr. Sabyasachi Roy, MBBS, DA



Associate Professor

Dr. Harunur Rashid, MBBS, DLO


Dr. Nanda Kumar Sinha MBBS, DLO, FCPS, MS

Resident Surgeon 

Dr. Md. Qayum Ansari MBBS,  FCPS


Dr. Ram Krishna Bhaumik, MBBS,  FCPS



Associate Professor

Dr. M. Kamal Uddin, MBBS, DMRT

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mizanur Rahman, MBBS; M Phil

Gynae & Obs



Prof. Ayesha Rahim MBBS, DGO, FCPS


Dr. Morshed Ahmed Chowdhury, MBBS, DGO, MCPS

Associate Professor

Dr. Shamsunnahar  MBBS,FCPS


Dr. Anwara Begum, MBBS, MCPS, DGO, MS


Dr. Jahanara Begum MBBS,DGO, MS


Dr. Shamsunnahar Begum MBBS,DGO


Dr. Dilip Kumar Bhowmik, MBBS, DGO, FCPS


Dr. Jamila Khatun MBBS,FCPS


Dr. Kollol Bijay Kar MBBS,DGO,MCPS


Dr. Nasreen Akhtar MBBS,FCPS

Assistant Professor

Dr. Samar Kumar Ghose, MBBS, DGO, MS


Dr. Protima Bala Dey, MBBS, DGO

Radiology and Imaging


Associate Professor

Dr. Nilkantha Paul MBBS, FCPS 


Dr. Ashikur Rahman Majumdar, MBBS; M Phil

Assistant Professor

 Dr. Mustak Ahmed Vuiya MBBS; M Phil


 Dr. Md Akhtar Hossain MBBS; M Phil

Blood Transfusion


 Associate Professor

 Dr. Md. Badrul Islam MBBS, MD


 Dr. F M A Musa Chowdhury, MBBS, MD

Dental Unit


Unit Head & Assistant Professor

 Dr. Md Nurul Amin Miah BDS,MSc

Assistant Professor

 Dr. Md Mominul Hoque, BDS,DDS,MS


 Dr. Md Abul Kasem Mia BDS,DDS


 Dr. Md Tofazzal Hossain BDS,MSc


 Dr. Mazed Hossain BDS, DDS